Just In :Auburn football’s Hugh Freeze fires Another Auburn Man after just one season

In a surprising turn of events, Auburn football has opted to part ways with offensive coordinator Phillip Montgomery after a single season, as reported by Bruce Feldman of The Athletic. The decision to let go of Montgomery comes on the heels of a lackluster 2023 season for the Tigers, prompting head coach Hugh Freeze and the Auburn administration to seek a change in leadership.

The swift decision to terminate Montgomery’s tenure indicates a strong desire for immediate improvement within the Auburn football program. The Tigers, dissatisfied with the results of the past season, are eager to explore new possibilities and strategies under the guidance of a different offensive coordinator.

Montgomery, who joined Auburn ahead of the 2023 season, faced challenges in adapting the team’s offensive approach to meet the expectations of both the coaching staff and the fan base. The decision to part ways after just one season reflects the high standards set by Auburn football and the urgency to rectify perceived shortcomings.


Auburn fires offensive coordinator Philip Montgomery after one season -  al.com

Hugh Freeze, at the helm of the Tigers, is no stranger to the competitive nature of college football, and his decision to make a change in the coaching staff underscores the commitment to success. The search for a new offensive coordinator is now underway, with Auburn hoping to find a candidate who can bring fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and the ability to elevate the team’s performance.

As the Auburn football program undergoes this transition, fans and analysts alike are left speculating on the potential impact of a new offensive coordinator on the team’s dynamics. The upcoming months will undoubtedly be crucial as Auburn strives to build a stronger, more competitive football program in the aftermath of Montgomery’s departure.

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