Good News: Milwaukee Brewers Now In Final Stage Discussion To Land Three Top Star

Three High-Upside Shortstops On The Way To The Brewers In The 2024 International Draft
The Brewers boast an overseas class with high-ceiling talent thanks to the additions of Luis Peña, Jorge Quintana (12th MLB Pipeline), and Jesus Made (22nd MLB Pipeline). Read on for details on the interesting new catching prospect and the Brewers’ fresh crop of young shortstops.

The Brewers seem to have changed their draught strategy to obtain more high-upside talent, especially with the bats, beginning with their 2023 draught class and continuing into the 2024 international draught. Yophery Rodriguez, Jackson Chourio, and Jeferson Quero are all Brewers prospects ranked in the top ten by MLB Pipeline, so their international talent is on the rise. See what the scouts think of each of the Brewers’ new stars; the hope is that they discovered a diamond or two in this draft class.

The following are Jorge Quintana’s pipeline statistics: Hit 55, Power 50, Run 50, Arm 50, and Field 55. He is a shortstop and ranks 19th in Baseball America’s bonus rankings.

Quintana is considered one of the more polished hitters in the draft from both sides of the bat. At 6 ‘2″ and only 16 years old, there’s a potential he outgrows shortstop, which may happen anyhow due to ordinary or fringy speed, albeit he has strong actions and agility. Quintana possesses a great left-handed swing, excellent plate discipline, and a knack for getting the barrel down on the ball. Baseball America ranks him as one of the top offensive prospects eligible for signing in 2024.

The Brewers have bid to capture what they consider as an untapped market in Venezuela, an approach that earned them Chourio, so it’s no surprise to see them combing the country again. MLB pipeline talk

Brewers Set To Land Three High Upside Shortstops In 2024 International Class - Brewers - Brewer Fanatic

s about Quintana displaying gap-to-gap power and hints of serious home run pop already. Combined with his hit tool, his bat is an enticing possibility even before he develops and fills out his enormous frame. It will most likely be the tool that propels him to the majors, but he’s no slouch defensively and is expected to hold his own on the infield.

Jesus Made (22nd Pipeline, 41st highest bonus per Baseball America) – Shortstop Pipeline Tools: Hit 50, Power 55, Run 50, Arm 50, Field 55
Another switch-hitter, Made, displays the potential for enormous power from both sides of the plate despite a lot of strength projection remaining on his slim 6‘1″ frame. He possesses decent bat-to-ball abilities, but it’s thought that he will need the power factor to push him through the minor leagues. He has an above-average arm that can allow him to succeed at third base should she be moved away from shortstop. However, evaluators enthused about his defensive efforts that could allow him to stick there.

Pipeline observes that Made has a small upward swing, which can be a concern as you advance up the levels and lead to troubles with the hit tool yet it’s creating strong batted ball contact and power surges at this moment, both into the gaps and over the fence. They also claim that he has a good chance to stick at shortstop because of his ability to make “the routine and the extraordinary plays” mixed with above-average speed and quickness. This youngster has a great upside at just 16 years old and is a guy to watch out for when the Dominican Summer League begins.

Luis Peña (44th greatest bonus per Baseball America, no Pipeline rating) – Shortstop
Another high-upside shortstop, Peña, isn’t rated by Pipeline. However, the Brewers are giving him a comparable value as Jesus Made. Ben Badler of Baseball America classified him as a quick-burst athlete with plus-plus speed. His athleticism is more outstanding than his defensive actions at shortstop, meaning he could be the traditional Brewers prospect going from short to center field this season. He is believed to have a mature, good tool set for his age, with explosive bat speed that allows him to drive the ball into the gaps. Badler also adds that his swing can get a bit too large at times, but he has great bat-to-ball skills for his age, with a plus arm and lightning speed. Another potential diamond for the Brewers system, athletes with his explosive makeup can advance swiftly through the minors.

Luis Corobo (Unconfirmed Bonus, Unranked) – Catcher

As tweeted by Curt Hogg, Corobo has been compared defensively to a young ace behind the plate, Jeferson Quero, at that age. We don’t know much about him at this moment other than that, but it’s a lofty comparison, given the quality Quero possesses behind the plate. He was the first confirmed signing for the Brewers 2024 draft class, but it is a fascinating contrast.

The Brewers are seeking for more power from their overseas core over the hit tool oriented approach they used in these markets. As a result, all three shortstops have the ability to explode in the way that Jackson Chourio and Yophery Rodriguez managed in recent seasons. Which of the above prospects would get you most excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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