Maxx Crosby calls on Raiders to hire 1 head coach candidate

Las Vegas Raiders standout Maxx Crosby is putting some public pressure on the organization when it comes to his preferred head coach candidate.

Crosby posted a simple message on social media Friday, publicly pushing the team to keep interim coach Antonio Pierce permanently by using the hashtag #HireAP.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network indicated that Crosby’s post is not just for show, and that the great pass rusher is “drawing a line in the sand” with the Raiders over his favorite coach.


Raiders owner Mark Davis has a hard decision to make. Pierce went 5-4 as the team’s interim coach, but very obviously won over the locker room during his nine-game term. By the end of the season, he seemed to have the supporters onside as well. With the Raiders linked to one high-profile coach, however, Davis would undoubtedly want to explore his alternatives, and it would be challenging to reject a bigger, more established name.

If Pierce does not receive the Raiders job, he does appear to be in the frame for another team.

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