Reporting News: Three players on the Browns roster have contracted to play for other clubs in the future.

The NFL offseason is still less than two months away, even though the playoffs in the NFL are still ongoing without the Cleveland Browns. Starting in the middle of March, the NFL draft, free agency, and maybe a few trades will completely shuffle rosters.

Players who were either on practice squads or free agents at the conclusion of the regular season are the exception to that rule. Zach Ertz, a tight end, is one of the free agents that can join with any team. Ertz has joined the Detroit Lions’ Super Bowl campaign.

Players from the practice squad were able to sign with any active roster for the entire season. Practice squad players are not restricted to signing future or reserve contracts with the side they concluded their season with; they are free to sign with any team.

Three members of the Browns’ practice squad have left:

WR Austin Watkins: The Eagles signed Watkins.
CB AJ Green III – Joined the Vikings as a signed playerS Tanner McCalister: The Broncos signed him.The OBR has reported on several occasions that Watkins was given the option to go back to Cleveland, but he made a different decision. The preseason standout was on the practice squad with the Browns but had the option to sign with any team on the active roster for the whole season.

Browns roster: Austin Watkins fate will not decide the Browns season -  Dawgs By Nature

After four seasons and thirty-four games with the franchise, Green used social media to express gratitude to Cleveland supporters and the organization:

This season, McCalister, an Ohio State University undrafted free agent, was raised for three games. The safety saw action on special teams for 37 snaps and on defense for 19.

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