Good News: Baltimore Ravens Confirm Another Important Signing

HC Jerry Rosburg, a former Bronco, has been hired by the Ravens.
Jerry Rosburg, the interim head coach in Denver and former special teams coordinator for the Baltimore.

Ravens, is expected to join the team in a game management capacity, according to an NFL Network story on Monday. Before retiring in 2018, Rosburg, 68, was Baltimore’s ST coordinator from 2008 to 2018. In 2022,


Rosburg was brought on by the Broncos to assist head coach Nathaniel Hackett with clock management tactics following Hackett’s in-game errors.

Prior to Hackett’s first season ending, the Broncos promoted Rosburg to temporary head coach; he finished 1-1. In January 2023, Rosburg left the Broncos, and Sean Payton was eventually hired. Rosburg did not play for any team in the previous campaign.

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