Breaking News: Sean Mcvay confirm Three Stars He Wants Out Of The Team Enterieng 2024 Season

Rams: Three cut candidates were on the Los Angeles team going into the 2024 offseason.
Which players ought to be cut by the Rams?

The Los Angeles Rams have a crucial offseason coming up. They will handle strategic player decisions and critical roster requirements. The Rams are in a position to evaluate their roster and make major adjustments after a difficult 2023 NFL season that ended with a 10-7 record and a loss in the Wild Card Round. Identifying opportunities for improvement becomes critical as the franchise looks to the future. Potential player swaps and releases fall under this category. Here, we examine the group’s 2023 season performance. We name three players the Rams should consider trading and make strong cases for these possible deals.

The 2023 Rams season
The Los Angeles Rams were led by head coach Sean McVay for their sixth season in 2023. They started the season poorly, going 3–6 in the first half, but they turned things around in their last eight games, going 7–1. They were able to surpass their previous 5–12 record thanks to this outburst. They defeated the Cleveland Browns in Week 13 to clinch a winning season for the fifth time in the previous six years. Their one-year postseason drought was ended with a crucial victory over the Giants on New Year’s Eve. Nevertheless, a defeat to the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card Round ended their postseason run. Ironically, Jared Goff, a former quarterback for the Rams, was leading the Lions.

Interestingly, Jalen Ramsey was dealt to the Miami Dolphins during the summer, so the Rams didn’t have him at the start of the season. Bobby Wagner, a linebacker, also left the Rams after just one season. He decided to sign a one-year contract to rejoin the Seattle Seahawks.

Considerations for the Off-Season
The Rams made a younger roster, yet they still made it to the postseason in 2023. While they are not in a rebuilding period, there is a focus for continuing the youth movement inside the squad. In light of this, Aaron Donald, a seasoned defensive star, may be included in a deal. Despite reaching the end of his contract, at 32, Donald is still regarded as one of the NFL’s best interior defenders. In a deal, his departure might result in a sizable return. Of course, because of a no-trade clause in his contract, it also depends on his approval.

Alaric Jackson won the left tackle spot from Joe Noteboom, and Jackson’s upcoming free agency presents a challenge. As he approaches the last year of his contract, Puka Nacua’s rise has resulted in Tutu Atwell playing a less part. He becomes yet another potential trade piece as a result.

Here, we’ll examine the three Los Angeles Rams cut prospects as they head into the 2024 NFL offseason.

Joe Noteboom, OL
Following his 2022 signing of a hefty three-year, $40 million contract, Joe Noteboom’s career has been turbulent. He was injured by an ACL tear the same year, and Alaric Jackson’s rise to prominence in the next season reduced him to a supporting role. A degree of uncertainty is added by Jackson’s upcoming free agency. However, Noteboom’s time with the Rams may come to an end if he signs a contract elsewhere. Noteboom’s injury history notwithstanding, his future is made more difficult by a substantial cap cost in 2024. Releasing him with a designation after June 1 would bring much-needed relief to the Rams. Their cap space would be spared $15 million.

TE Hunter Long
Hunter Long, who was traded for Jalen Ramsey by the Miami Dolphins, has had a difficult time playing for the Rams due to injuries and poor play. A thigh injury left him on injured reserve early in the season. After his return, Long was unable to leave a significant impression. He made four appearances and received 0 receptions. Long’s lackluster performance and his insignificant role during his Dolphins tenure put him firmly on the radar as a cap casualty. Breaking off relations with Long would result in cap savings of $1.3 million. The Rams would have financial freedom going ahead as a result.

Brian Allen, C.
Even after agreeing to a three-year, $18 million contract extension in 2022, Brian Allen’s position on the Rams offensive line took a big hit in 2023. With the rise of Coleman Shelton, Allen was forced into a supporting role. He made just five appearances in games and did not record any starts. Of course, having depth on the offensive line is important. Nevertheless, the Rams have a chance to create more budget room because to Allen’s contract. Releasing him at the start of his free agency would reduce the 2024 books by $4.1 million. The Rams would benefit monetarily from this while they make roster decisions in the offseason.

Looking Ahead
To sum up, the Los Angeles Rams must make important choices as they negotiate the complexities of the 2024 offseason. The organization must carefully consider the long-term effects of each action and examine prospective cut candidates in order to maximize their roster and strengthen their financial flexibility. The Rams must consider a number of criteria while determining the makeup of their roster for the upcoming year. These include the injury history of Joe Noteboom, the underwhelming play of Hunter Long, and the shrinking role of Brian Allen.

The franchise’s capacity to successfully handle these obstacles as the offseason goes on will be crucial to its success. The fans are getting more and more excited as the Rams’ 2024 NFL roster is revealed, even while roster changes are being made.

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