Breaking News: Cleveland Browns In Talks To Sign Top Experienced NFL Star As Possible Replacement for Za’Darius Smith

The Cleveland Browns are in search of a new edge defender, and an opportunity has arisen with the release of defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah by the Miami Dolphins ahead of free agency next month. Ogbah, who was previously a second-round pick for the Browns in the 2016 NFL draft, spent the last four seasons in Miami on a four-year contract worth $65.4 million.

With the impending free agency of defensive end Za’Darius Smith, who is turning 32 and is projected to command a substantial salary, the Browns are considering alternatives. Ogbah, having produced 6 sacks in 15 games played in 2023 in a rotational role, presents an option with a potentially more reasonable salary. He could join forces with Ogbo Okoronkwo to address the Browns’ second defensive end position alongside Myles Garrett, the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year.

While Ogbah’s return to Cleveland may not be characterized as a triumphant comeback, it offers a second chance under different circumstances. His earlier stint with the Browns, which lasted three years, saw him start 40 games but ultimately led to a trade to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2019.

Concerns about Ogbah revolve around his specialization as a pass-rush specialist rather than a versatile three-down defender. In 2023, he played a limited number of snaps against the run and received a low run defense grade. The Browns might explore more well-rounded options to fill the potential void left by Smith, considering players like Chase Young of the San Francisco 49ers and Jonathan Greenard of the Houston Texans, albeit at a potentially higher cost. The Browns face a strategic decision between a pass-rush specialist and a more complete defender to complement Myles Garrett in the upcoming season.

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