DeMeco Ryans Reveals Final Texans Offseason Strategy

Texans’ Coach DeMeco Ryans Aims to Enhance Team Depth Across All Positions

With a strong foundation established, Coach DeMeco Ryans is gearing up for the 2024 off-season with a focus on bolstering depth at every position.

Having gained experience in his role, Ryans, during his second NFL Combine visit as the head coach of the Houston Texans, reflects on the 2023 season where crucial decisions were made, selecting quarterback C.J. Stroud and acquiring Will Anderson Jr. These moves laid the groundwork for a promising future. As Ryans initiates preparations for his second season, his primary goal is to augment depth in the team, whether through free agency or the draft.

Expressing the need for improvement across all position groups, Ryans emphasizes that no area is considered fully set. Despite a successful 10-7 record in the 2023 season, which marked their return to the playoffs after a hiatus since 2019, the Texans fell short of their desired outcome in the Divisional Round against the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 20.


Ryans acknowledges the team’s achievements last season but remains focused on building for 2024, driven by the belief that continuous enhancement is key. The objective is not to maintain the status quo but to grow and improve, both in coaching and player performance.

In pursuit of players who embody the Texans’ culture of relentless commitment and teamwork, Ryans emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of the offseason. He underscores the importance of growth, emphasizing a proactive mindset to achieve better results than the previous year.

As a former All-Pro linebacker, Ryans values his ability to connect with players and plans to maintain this approach in his second year. Eager to build relationships with players, he remains committed to steering the Texans toward their overarching goal in the 2024 season.

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