Breaking News: Cleveland Browns In Talk To Sign To experienced Viking Man

Elite $20 million edge rusher linked to the Browns as “Best Fit”
If Za’Darius Smith leaves in free agency, the Cleveland Browns will look to add an edge rusher, and the team’s defense in 2023 will make Northeast Ohio a more appealing destination for free agents than it has been in previous offseasons.

Danielle Hunter, a pass rusher with the Minnesota Vikings, will become an unrestricted free agency on Monday, March 4, barring an agreement to an extension with the team before then. Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report ranked Cleveland as the second-best match for Hunter.

Hunter’s schematic adaptability cannot be disregarded; he has… been a Pro Bowl player at both defensive end and linebacker. Hunter is a versatile player who can play on almost any defense, so a supporting group that can get the most out of him is ideal.


In terms of yards allowed, the Cleveland Browns’ defense was the best in the league the previous year. Myles Garrett, the current Defensive Player of the Year, works for them as well. Hunter might take over for former Viking Za’Darius Smith in Cleveland as Garrett’s main complement; Smith is also set to become a free agency.

The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears are two other teams that are interested in Hunter, making them among Knox’s most likely destinations.

Hunter Danielle, Garrett Myles In Cleveland, a pairing would rank among the top pass-rushing tandems in the NFL.
According to Pro Football Reference, Hunter had a career-best 16.5 sacks and a league-high 23 tackles for loss at the end of the previous campaign. He was an absolute monster.

According to data from Pro Football Focus (PFF), Hunter recorded 80 total QB pressures in addition to the two career-highs and four forced fumbles. For the third time in the previous five years, he was a Pro Bowl player at the end of the season.

Garrett, meanwhile, recorded 17 tackles for loss and 14 sacks. Garrett was rated as the best edge defender in football by PFF in 2023, with 86 QB pressures and four forced fumbles to his name.

Vikings Will Try to Sign Danielle Hunter Again, but OLB Will Probably Look to Free Agency to Get the Highest Paying Contract
From the NFL Combine on Sunday, March 3, ESPN’s Dan Graziano revealed that Minnesota is giving bringing back Hunter a top priority for 2024 and beyond. It will be challenging and costly, though, because other interested teams like the Browns will compete with you.

In addition to seeking to re-sign edge rusher Danielle Hunter, the Vikings are attempting to reach an agreement on a contract extension with outstanding wide receiver Justin Jefferson, according to Graziano. “Hunter… might be the best edge rusher available and he would probably draw interest from a number of teams.”

Hunter might sign a contract worth more money each year than the $20 million he earned with the Vikings the previous season, which included $3 million in incentives, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Teams are probably anticipating Hunter to be in, or at least looking for, a rather big price bracket, possibly far north of $20 million per year, according to Fowler. “Not as many numbers floated around Indy as usual,” he added. “And it might just be justified by the output: in his last four healthy seasons, Hunter has averaged 14 sacks.”

The Browns may be unable to afford Hunter at that wage request, since as of Monday, they only have $6.8 million in salary cap room for 2024. However, by renegotiating quarterback Deshaun Watson’s contract, the Browns can free up over $30 million in cap space.

There may also be plans for running back Nick Chubb and wide receiver Amari Cooper to sign extensions or undergo other changes, which would free up more funds for the Browns to spend this offseason.

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