Breaking News: Cincinnati Bengals confirm Departure of Another Top Star

Joe Mixon officially leaves Cincinnati as a “28 out” after the Bengals trade him.

The Houston Texans and the Cincinnati Bengals confirmed on Monday that running back Joe Mixon would be traded. Although the deal’s specifics were not disclosed, it is purported to be for a conditional seventh-round NFL Draft pick.

The Oklahoma Sooners’ eighth-year athlete Mixon was originally selected by the Bengals in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He played in 97 games (88 starts) throughout the course of seven seasons, was chosen for the Pro Bowl in 2021, and was picked a captain of the team three times (2021–2023).

In terms of career rushing attempts (1,571), rushing yards (6,412), and rushing touchdowns (49), he is ranked second in franchise history. In his career, he also caught 283 passes for 2,139 yards and 13 additional touchdowns.


Furthermore, Mixon started seven Bengals postseason games and guided the team to an AFC championship and a spot in Super Bowl LVI after the 2021 campaign. After the Bengals went more than three decades without a playoff victory, he is Cincinnati’s playoffs career leader in rushing attempts (106) and rushing yards (425). He has also been a part of five postseason wins.

Following the formal trade by the organization, Mixon thanked Cincinnati and his teammates in a poignant message that he shared online for his time in the Queen City.

It’s difficult to express how much of an emotional rollercoaster the last two days have been. Extended days and sleepless evenings. I’m feeling so many different things about the choice that was made that I’m not sure where to begin. Over the past seven years, I’ve made a ton of lifelong connections and relationships in Cincinnati. I’ve always just wanted to win football games and return with a championship ring for Cincinnati.

“I’ll never forget helping to organize and seeing firsthand the significant culture shift that the team and the city underwent during my tenure here. From a 2-14 squad to a Super Bowl contender, they have experienced tremendous growth. Reviving the city and its supporters in the past several years is an unparalleled sensation. The true fans’ support remained unwavering.

“To my teammates, who I will always refer to as my brothers, I want to say how much I appreciate all of your effort, commitment, and love for the game. Remain loyal to the game and to yourself at all times. “Stay 10 toes and never fold,” as we say.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cincinnati, the city I’ve called home for the past seven years, and the fans who have welcomed me like family. I guarantee you all, I really appreciate the farewell post, even if it left me feeling incredibly overwhelmed and upset. You took a chance on a twenty-year-old me, and from the beginning, you showed me affection. It’s difficult for me to express how much I value this location and the people here. I’m grateful that you enabled me to fulfill my ambition. I will always consider Cincinnati to be my home.

“28 out.”

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