Breaking News: Texas Rangers Confirm Now In Talk To Land Another Top Pitcher

Rangers can get three pitchers after failing to obtain Dylan Cease via trade.
Rangers fans had a brief window of hope on Wednesday afternoon that the front office might genuinely try to assist Texas’ disassembled rotation become a little less disassembled. In the twelfth hour of spring training, it provided supporters with a little respite from obsessing over Jordan Montgomery and wondering if Chris Young could conjure up some more magic.

Regretfully, the supporters’ high hopes were dashed on Wednesday night at roughly 6:00 PM when word spread that the San Diego Padres and the Chicago White Sox had struck an agreement that would transfer Chicago’s premier player, Dylan Cease, to San Diego to begin the season.
Rangers fans, who have watched a miserable offseason from their reigning champions up to this point and are losing more and more hope of a Montgomery reunion as spring training draws to a close, were devastated to hear this news. Positively speaking, the Rangers still have two weeks until Opening Day and might choose to pursue a number of pitchers still available in the market.

Before Opening Day in 2024, the Rangers might sign three starting pitchers.
Hendricks, Kyle
The Rangers front office may target veteran pitcher Kyle Hendricks in a deal. Hendricks’ Cubs contract is about to expire, and if the money is good, the team might be open to sending him to Arlington as a rental.

Hendricks had a somewhat unremarkable season with the Cubs, going 6-8 with a 3.74 ERA at the conclusion of it. Hendricks might still be a valuable addition to the Rangers rotation even if his best days are behind him, given how thin the rotation will be until deGrom and Scherzer return sometime in the middle of the season.

All things considered, the Rangers are in need of a reliable experienced pitcher, and Hendricks meets that description. Hendricks could be worth it if he can help keep the rotation steady, especially in the early going of the season, even if the Rangers would probably have to transfer some promising prospects (perhaps MLB-ready ones) to the Cubs.

Blake Snell
I understand that signing Snell could be a reach, particularly given how tight the Rangers’ finances are right now. However, the former Cy Young winner is still free to sign with any team. In San Diego last season, Snell demonstrated to supporters and the media that he still at the top of his game. With an ERA of 2.25 at the end of the season, he tied for the second-lowest in his career and earned his second Cy Young trophy.


The fact that Snell is still available when the regular season is just a few weeks away is startling. Snell would be worth the risk even though the Rangers are constrained by their limited financial options this summer if Chris Young and owner Ray Davis could figure out a way to reallocate some cash.

Snell’s status as a Ranger for this season is questionable. Even yet, one would think Snell and his agent, Scott Boras, would have lowered their asking price a little bit with the season just a few weeks away. The Rangers may be able to strike a deal if the lefty’s price reduces, which is sure to happen and won’t affect his ability to start the season on the mound.

The Shane Bieber
Shane Bieber, the star player for the Guardians, is another former Cy Young winner who is about to hit the market. As Bieber approaches his last season with the Guardians, they have (at the very least) been considering trade offers in an effort to get him out of town before his deal ends.

Rumor has it that the Yankees are trying to sign Bieber to open the season, but in the event it doesn’t work out, the Rangers can always put together a deal to try and convince the Guardians to trade Bieber to Arlington.



Even if Bieber is only a rental for this season, he would be a tremendous addition to the Rangers rotation. Given that two of the Rangers’ pitchers will be out for the majority of the first half, he could contribute to keeping the team’s pitching success going.

In general, the Rangers may still pursue a few pitchers who are still available. In order to offer supporters faith that the Rangers can be competitive all season long, hopefully they will find a method to acquire a pitcher prior to the start of the season.

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