Done Deal: Just In Pittsburgh Steelers Confirm The Signing of Another Star Top NFL Star

Former Dolphins Safety Explains Why He Joined the Steelers
DeShon Elliott, a former safety for the Miami Dolphins, agreed to a $6 million, two-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers during free agency. Among the numerous players the Dolphins lost in the early weeks of free agency, it was another defensive player. The Dolphins have lost players to free agency, but they have also added elite replacements.

For the Dolphins in 2023, Elliott recorded 82 tackles and one interception. He received a PFF grade of 72.6, which is higher than average for his role. The Steelers acquired a player with the ability to make things happen for $6 million. He disclosed the reason behind his desire to join the Steelers during his first press conference.

“That brand. This is real smash mouth, real gritty, cold weather game football; this is championship football. This is a culture. Why else wouldn’t you want to participate in this game? Watching Troy Polamalu play football for the Steel Curtain as a child made it seem like real football. I’m happy to be here.

Elliott’s justification for wanting to play for the Steelers should excite the team’s supporters about the contributions he can make. It’s obvious that he respects this institution, which has had tremendous success over the last ten years.

Elliott’s Potential Contribution to the Steelers
Having played with the Baltimore Ravens for his first three seasons of his career, Elliott is no stranger to the AFC North.

Because of their style of play, the AFC North is considered one of the best football divisions. Elliott is ideal for the hard-nosed, defensive-minded game played by the Ravens, Steelers, and Cleveland Browns.

He gave up 501 yards in 2023, which was the second-highest of his career. He never let up more than 350 in a season while he was a member of the Ravens.

Assigning him to an All-Pro He should be playing some of the finest football of his career, according to Minkah Fitzpatrick. Elliott should succeed in this environment since he has a wealth of skilled defensive players surrounding him, especially with Patrick Queen joining the team.

Dale Lolley of the Steelers claims that Elliott is willing to go above and above to support the team.

“I’m willing to work with anyone they want me to help with defense and contribute in any way I can,” Elliott declared.

Elliott was swapped out for Jordan Poyer by the Dolphins.
Jordan Poyer was added by the Miami Dolphins in lieu of Elliott, and he should be an improvement at the position.

Like Elliott, Poyer is anticipated for this new chance. A video of his message to the fans was shared by the Dolphins’ official X account when he concluded his deal in Miami.

The seasoned DB said, “Fins fans, what’s up, man, it’s your boy Jordan Poyer out here.” Proceeding: “I am present. I’m at my house. You got the palm trees behind you, dude. Man, I could cry. This is really lovely.

Poyer’s sentiments are shared by a large number of Dolphins supporters. The former All-Pro recorded his highest number of tackles in the previous three seasons with 100. In his illustrious NFL career, it was his fourth time recording over 100 tackles.

Elliott is the Pittsburgh Steelers’ man, but the Dolphins may have improved with the signing of Poyer.

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