Breaking News: All-Pro Quarterback Los Angeles Rams Star Name Kansas City Chief As His Prefferred Trade Destination

The Kansas City Chiefs have linked former Los Angeles Ram and all-pro quarterback Carson Wentz as a landing spot.
Super Bowl contender Kansas City Chiefs are linked to All-Pro quarterback and former Los Angeles Ram Carson Wentz. Wentz spent at least a season with the Rams, but he has struggled to find employment in the last two offseasons. Despite not being a starter, he managed to record 163 throwing yards, two touchdowns, and one interception out of 24 attempts. The Philadelphia Eagles selected the North Dakota State product in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, making him the highest-drafted FCS player.

For the former second-round pick, it has been an uphill struggle because no team will likely start him for the remainder of his career. But he’s garnered enough playing experience to be a backup for any team that needs one. He would be a good match in Kansas City behind Patrick Mahomes, according to Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. Blaine Gabbert left the Chiefs to join a different team on the open market, leaving a gap in their wake.

In the event that Mahomes is injured, Wentz could step in beautifully to offer that veteran presence. There’s no doubting that Mahomes is the finest quarterback in the NFL; none has performed to the same degree as him. Since 2021, though, they haven’t had a dependable quarterback since Chad Henne. That season, Henne showed off, particularly in a postseason matchup with Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns.

He replaced Mahomes in the middle of the game after being hurt, and he led them to a win over the Browns. Wentz’s days as a starter are over, but he might still have that same intensity as a dependable veteran behind Mahomes.


Carson Wentz, an All-Pro quarterback, is mentioned as a potential Kansas City Chiefs signing.
He could serve as insurance for the team.
The Kansas City Chiefs are one NFL team that most likely won’t have to worry about benching their quarterback. Mahomes has demonstrated sufficient ability to be a leader on par with a superstar, much like Tom Brady was during the Patriots’ Super Bowl run. This does not negate the necessity for a backup, either. Accidents occur, and rather than never, they bring set reliability.

The worst-case situation, such as Mahomes missing a season, is always possible. They will have to scramble to locate a backup mid-year if they can’t find one before the season starts. Someone like Wentz wouldn’t have enough time to modify the Chiefs’ offense because of this. To learn behind Mahomes, the Chiefs would be smart to sign the North Dakota State product for a two-year inexpensive contract. Wentz is capable of playing that position, and the preseason will see him get plenty of useful touches.

The previous offseason, the $128 million QB did have a conversation with Kansas City. The team will try to make it three out of four times, although both parties may return to these negotiations. It is said that Wentz is willing to rejoin a championship-caliber team in order to become accustomed to a winning environment.

Other Places Wentz Might Go
Wentz appears to be one of the free agents that organizations have neglected to mention this offseason. He was forced to wait until November 2023 to sign a new NFL deal following his time with Washington. He had the chance to learn behind Matthew Stafford with the Rams. The Denver Broncos could be a good option for him to try one last time for a starting position.

With the No. 12, the Broncos most likely won’t have the opportunity to pursue a dependable franchise player, so bringing in Wentz would make sense. The Chargers are an additional possible destination for the veteran, though. That might happen because Los Angeles lacks a solid backup to Justin Herbert. Wentz’s top options if he decides to stay a backup are the Chiefs or the Chargers.

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