Breaking News: San Francisco 49ers Confirm In Talk To Release Another Top Player Due To…

The 49ers are considering trading a wide receiver who has been in contact with the head coach of the Steelers.
Before the 2024 season, one of their standout wide receivers is apparently of interest to the San Francisco 49ers. There were whispers before the start of free agency that the 49ers would deal Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel to help clear cap space.

A message from Brandon Aiyuk to Mike Tomlin
Aiyuk seemed irritated by his dearth of targets during the 49ers’ Super Bowl defeat. NFL fans were alerted to a potential trade by a message that Aiyuk wrote to Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to Daniel Yerushalmi of GH:

All of this began on Tuesday afternoon when Aiyuk, the top wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, posted the following statement on X:

@CoachTomlin said that we were twins. How do you feel?

The fact that this is Aiyuk’s first post in nearly a year is noteworthy, yet it could just be a coincidence. However, many NFL fans don’t think that’s all there is to it and believe that a trade is needed. In Wilson’s first season with the organization, the Steelers might be looking to acquire another receiver after trading one of their best receivers.

On the trade front, there might be more smoke. This offseason, the 49ers expressed their desire to retain Aiyuk for the long run, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t considering their alternatives.

Trading Aiyuk would be of interest to the San Francisco 49ers.
Before the draft, the 49ers would consider trade proposals for Aiyuk, according to Matt Barrows of The Athletic. In answer to a query regarding the 49ers’ possible trade of their standout wide receiver this spring, Barrows said the following:
Indeed, that is how I feel. Just go back to Deebo Samuel’s trade agitation two years ago. The 49ers were waiting to see what kind of offers Samuel might bring, so they kept their phones open before and especially during the draft.

The 49ers refused to budge even after receiving draft-day approaches from the Detroit Lions and New York Jets. Even if the Jets’ offer was very strong, the 49ers would have to make an extremely compelling case to release Samuel, who was coming off of an amazing 2021 season.

For Aiyuk, who gets along well with Brock Purdy, I believe a similar situation exists: the 49ers are open to offers, but it will take something significant for them to let him go.

The Pittsburgh Steelers require a replacement for Diontae Johnson.
Following the trade of Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers last week, the Steelers are in need of a wide receiver. This offseason, Tyler Boyd has been connected to them. However, in an offense where they have concerns about their quarterback, Aiyuk might be the kind of player the Steelers want to center around. He undoubtedly aided Brock Purdy’s development.


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