Good News: Philadelphia 76ers Confirm Another Addition To Squad Ahead Of Playoff

NBA Rumors: Joel Embiid’s return will finally be made clear to the Philadelphia 76ers
Soon, the Philadelphia 76ers will know more about Joel Embiid’s potential return.

NBA Rumors: The Philadelphia 76ers will receive some much-needed clarity regarding Joel Embiid’s position as he ramps up his return.

Whether Joel Embiid will be healthy and available to play for the Philadelphia 76ers as the NBA playoffs rapidly approach is one of the league’s biggest doubts going into the final stretch of the season. Embiid bears a major responsibility for the Sixers’ aspirations of making the playoffs after missing the most of the season. The Sixers are a completely different club when Joel Embiid is healthy than when he’s not, as has been made abundantly clear this season. Throughout the coming weeks, bear it in mind.

Even though the Sixers are one of the bottom seeds in the Eastern Conference, if Embiid is able to return, this club will become a serious threat. But the Sixers will be a bit of an afterthought in the East playoff field if Embiid is unable to make a comeback.


But ever since the injury, the Sixers have continuously expressed optimism that Embiid will be able to make a comeback before the season is out. And the Sixers should receive some much-needed clarification over the coming few weeks regarding whether or not that actually happens.

A recent source states that it is anticipated that Embiid is starting to “step up” his rehabilitation in preparation for a comeback.

Joel Embiid’s situation should finally become clear to the Philadelphia 76ers.
It’s safe to assume that Embiid will be shut down for the duration of the season if he experiences any kind of setback during the next few weeks during this “ramp up” stage of his rehab, even though he may still be a few weeks away from potentially returning to the Sixers starting lineup.

When it comes to Embiid’s long-term health, I don’t think the Sixers will take any chances. The Sixers have taken the greatest care of Embiid’s health for the bulk of his career. This season, I don’t see that changing.

In any case, within the coming weeks, the Sixers will receive some information regarding Embiid’s potential comeback. Will Embiid genuinely be able to make a comeback? We’ll learn the truth soon enough.



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