(Video) Patrick Mahomes’ Strong Message to Ex-Chiefs $76 Million Star Before Titans Trade

Before the Titans trade, Patrick Mahomes sent a $76 million star to the former chief.
A deal to acquire Kansas City Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed eventually materialized after weeks of contradictory claims.

Late on Friday, March 22, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that Kansas City was “finalizing a deal to send” Sneed to the Tennessee Titans. In addition to a 2024 7th-round pick, Chiefs are anticipated to receive a 2025 3rd-round pick. For Sneed, the trade is awaiting physical.

According to Jordan Schultz of Bleacher Report, Sneed is agreeing to a four-year, $76 million contract that includes a $55 million guarantee.


Chiefs Kingdom finds this to be a devastating development. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, expressed his desire to keep Sneed in Kansas City only hours before the trade was made public. Mahomes acknowledged he didn’t “have any say” in whether Sneed stayed while at the 101 Awards.

Mahomes said to PJ Green of Fox 4 KC, “[But] I think you’ll hear from everybody on our team that we want Sneed.” He is both that person and that player. He’s one of those men that is constantly hungry. He won’t always be yelling and screaming, nor will he be the most talkative guy. However, you witness his attitude and his unwavering practice habits every day. He is the leader of those guys.


“Everyone should receive their money,” we say. We will therefore be happy for him no matter what happens. However, ideally, that will involve the Chiefs of Kansas City.

Safety of PJ GreenChiefs Justin Reid responded to Sneed’s trade right away. “I adore you, my dear!” Reid made a post. “You’ve earned everything and more! Lead them, boys, and keep being amazing. ❤️💛 @jay__sneed.

When Charles Omenihu, the defensive end for the Chiefs, discovered Sneed’s contract details, he scrawled, “Sheeshhh.”

The Chiefs acquired Sneed from the Titans for almost $20 million.
The Chiefs were anticipated to acquire at least a second-round pick in exchange for the two-time Super Bowl champion, who is regarded as one of the best shutdown corners in the NFL. Kansas City did not receive a large deal of compensation for the pick.

Sneed, though, made it quite clear that he wanted to get compensated during this summer. It was his greatest chance to cash in after a spectacular season at the age of 27.

It was never anticipated that the Chiefs’ 2020 NFL draft fourth-round selection would use the franchise tag, a one-year contract for $19.8 million. Even after the Chiefs re-signed Chris Jones to a $158.57 million, five-year extension, there remained hope that they would be able to retain Sneed for an extended period of time.

According to Schultz, the Titans were “one of the first teams to call” regarding Sneed. “Unless a compelling offer came up, KC was willing to pay Sneed on the tag for the upcoming season. Tennessee put a lot of effort into completing this since they thought Sneed was among the top defensive backs in football. In the end, both parties were at ease sealing a contract.

Kansas City frees up about $20 million in cap space with Sneed gone. And before the 2024 NFL season begins, they have a ton of roster gaps to cover.

Pete Schrager of Fox Sports wrote, “Chiefs were in a financial bind.” They clearly cared for Sneed. Tre Smith, Nick Bolton, and Creed Humphrey all have contracts that expire soon. Although it’s unfortunate, having a dynasty means that the team selects a large number of young, gifted players in later rounds.

Supporters and Experts Reacted Vibrantly to the Draft Capital What the Chiefs Got From the Titans
Chiefs analyst Seth Keysor commented on the Sneed trade, saying, “Yikes,” once he saw what Kansas City acquired. “Sneed netted a lesser return than Carlton Davis who was traded to the Lions earlier in FA,” KC Sports Network’s Matt Lane said. Really, that is a little alarming.

As stated by Arrowhead Live, “It was to be expected—the compensation sucks.” The $20 million in capital space is not bad. In the event that we don’t use it to trade up next month, hopefully the Titans finish last in the league the next season and we have the first selection in the third round in 2025. It was never really an option to keep Sneed on the tag or on an extension. Sneed deserves to get compensated, so I’m glad he is. That is all there is to it.

“No one else in the NFL wanted to trade more for him, but it’s not fair because you don’t think it isn’t?” retorted former Chiefs offensive tackle Mitch Schwartz. It is the trade market, that is all. It was obvious that the other teams didn’t value him that much. And because KC didn’t think he was worth that much money, they made the best offer on him.

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