Latest Raiders News: Las Vegas Raiders Confirm In Final Stage Talk To Sign QB With 59 Touchdowns with Rare Skill

Raiders Are ‘Serious’ About Adding a Star QB With a ‘Rare’ Skill Set, According to Insider
Even after signing Gardner Minshew as a free agent, the Las Vegas Raiders still need a quarterback. In the draft, the team is anticipated to thoroughly consider all of its choices.

They seem to be particularly interested in a player, though, who is probably not going to be available. Vincent Bonsignore reports that the team is looking to bring in Jayden Daniels, the quarterback from LSU.

In a column published on March 23, Bonsignore stated, “It’s no secret the Raiders have a deep connection to Louisiana State quarterback Jayden Daniels.” Daniels was recruited by Raiders coach Antonio Pierce to Arizona State, where he oversaw recruiting and defense, right out of high school. The two have remained friends. The Raiders’ genuine interest in Daniels and their desire to choose him earlier in the draft makes sense.

One of the most highly regarded players in the 2024 NFL Draft class, the 2023 Heisman Trophy winner is unlikely to still be available when the New England Patriots select him at No. 3 in the draft. However, Bonsignore made the observation that Antonio Pierce might be prepared to go to any lengths to achieve his goals.

“A crucial component in all of this is Pierce. Being a self-described “go-getter,” he made it plain that he won’t think twice to use aggressive tactics to gain the things he believes are essential for the Raiders to win. “Telesco will be aggressive in meeting those needs because he understands his role in molding a team in his coach’s image.”

Although there isn’t much Daniels can do to make it happen, he has said that he would also like to play for the Raiders.

Jayden Daniels Possess a “Rare” Talent Set
The Raiders wouldn’t have their quarterback position as athletic as it would be with Jayden Daniels. The quarterback’s skill level was highlighted by Lance Zierlein in his scouting report for NFL.con.

Daniels “possesses a rare blend of playmaking talent and command from the pocket,” Zierlein said, having started five seasons in a starting role. Given how frequently he ran in college, there will be questions about his endurance because he is tall but thin.

The Raiders might have to persuade the Patriots to trade down from No. 3 if they are serious about acquiring Daniels. It could come at a high cost, but winning a lot of games without a strong quarterback is difficult. It’s possible that Las Vegas will stop at nothing to get one.

QB Draft Pick Expected by Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders will probably continue to look at QB possibilities even if they are unable to acquire Jayden Daniels. The Raiders are a “sleeper” team to draft a quarterback, according to ESPN’s Matt Miller.

In the first round, this team might potentially be taken into consideration. Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell are the current members of the Raiders depth chart, according to Miller’s March 23 column. In 2024, after leading the Colts to a 7-6 record while taking Anthony Richardson’s place due to injury, Minshew is a reliable veteran and bridge option. However, general manager Tom Telesco needs to think about acquiring a future starter if a quarterback falls to the Raiders at No. 13 or No. 44 overall.

Later on in the draft, the Raiders will have more alternatives, but it’s difficult to say which ones come close to what Daniels may offer the team.v

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