Breaking News: Cleveland Browns Confirm Contract Extension With Another Star

Dissecting The Cleveland Browns Extension of Jerry Jeudy
examining Jerry Jeudy’s contract extension with the Cleveland Browns, including its worth, terms, and specifics.
The first report about Jerry Jeudy’s new deal contained a lot of dubious information. First of all, ‘up to’ indicates that the amount isn’t a true representation of the contract because incentives will likely be used to inflate it, making it unlikely that the player would receive the majority of them. The second incorrect element of this was that it was $41 million. The assurances from his prior five-year option cannot be used to inflate the terms of the extension. For this reason, we must set aside a lot of these first reports and hold off on acting until the facts are in.

After an extension is signed, it takes a few days for the information to reach websites like “Over The Cap” so that I may write a report on it. Since the agent often inflates the numbers with incentives that are unlikely to be earned and other means in order to exploit them to draw in new business, I never pay too much attention to the early reports that include the word “up to.” It provides you with a decent indication of what the transaction is probably going to be like, but I won’t comment on the statistics until we get formal documentation. This can occasionally take many days, so I won’t write about trades until I get the formal breakdown.

The articles in the 2024 free agency series thus far, along with their 2024 salary cap hits, are as follows:

Smith Za’Darius – $5,235,000

Jerry Jeudy: $3,497,000, solely for restructuring

$ 2,276,000 for Shelby Harris

$1,868,000 is Jordan Hicks.

$1,740,000 goes to Maurice Hurst.

Winston Jameis: $1,768,000

Bojorquez, Corey – $1,562,500

$1,500,000 is Devin Bush.

$1,152,500 Michael Dunn

Mario Ricci: $1,105,00

Adeniji Hakeem – $985,000

So let’s get right in and take a look at this deal.

A tweet by Albert Breer served as the catalyst for the release of all the information:

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