Breaking News: Houston Texans Confirm As Landing Spot For $90 Million All Pro Cornerback

Ninety million dollars Preferred Free Agent Destination Provided by All-Pro
Xavien Howard, an All-Pro cornerback, is now unrestricted by contract, but he is hoping to sign with a certain team.
Cornerback Xavien Howard, a four-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro, has a claim to be the best available free agent at his position. After being cut loose by the Miami Dolphins without much fanfare, the former second-round pick declared he would not sign with them again, not even at a reduced price. The cornerback is hoping that one team will be interested in him, even if he hasn’t decided on his next squad.

Teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Kansas City Chiefs are among the finest in the league, therefore the AFC is plenty of talent. Although these four formidable teams were likely the greatest in the previous five years, inexperienced clubs like the Houston Texans are attempting to unseat them as the best in their conference.

The Texans, led by rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, shocked everyone by advancing to the AFC Divisional Round in Stroud’s first season. Houston, having added a number of important players in free agency, is poised to become a serious Super Bowl contender. Xavien Howard wants to join as a free agency with the Texans because he is impressed with what the team has accomplished.

As a free agent, Xavien Howard would “love to” sign with the Texans.
Recently, Xavien Howard spoke about his impending status as a free agent on The OG’s Podcast. Upon being asked about the Texans in particular, the four-time Pro Bowler did not take long to compliment the team.

“I would like doing that in the crib at home. The Texans and Houston Rockets have tattoos of me.I think that’s a feasible alternative. Their QB is excellent. I adore a defensive coordinator.

Xavien Howard would have many reasons, as you can see, to sign as a free agent with the Texans. Aside from all the skill on the team, Howard is a native of Houston and would give anything to bring a title to his hometown. In the meanwhile, the Texans require a starting quarterback to replace Derek Stingley.

Both parties benefit greatly from this match, but in the end, Xavien Howard is a free agent and will most likely sign with the highest bidder. Even if Howard isn’t as effective as he once was as a lockdown corner, defenses can always use his assistance, and there can never be too many trustworthy cornerbacks. These five teams, in no particular order, have the ability to keep Howard from moving to Houston.

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