Breaking News: Cleveland Browns Confirm close to finalizing two huge contract extensions

Browns are almost done settling on two massive deal extensions.
Cleveland ought to keep this dynamic pair together for a very long time.

The Cleveland Browns have experienced a busy offseason once more. They went out and acquired Jordan Hicks and Jameis Winston in free agency in addition to adding Jerry Jeudy via trade. To put themselves in a good position before the 2024 NFL Draft, they even re-signed a number of important free players.

After an 11-6 campaign, they are thinking big with all these moves. Ownership is also prepared to dedicate itself to the two individuals in charge for a number of additional years.


Cleveland owner Jimmy Haslam gave assurance to the media during the NFL Owners’ Meetings that he will shortly be signing head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry to contract extensions.

The Browns were reportedly prepared to extend the dynamic combo, who have established a successful team in Cleveland, earlier in the offseason. Together, Berry and Stefanski have guided the team to a 37-30 record and two postseason trips since their union in 2020.

Berry and Stefanski eventually made a difference for the Browns.
To put things in perspective, the Browns had just two winning seasons from 1999 to 2019, yet Stefanski and Berry have guided the team to two winning seasons in four years. Additionally, they’ve led them to the postseason twice, as opposed to just once in the twenty seasons prior to their arrival. It’s hard to argue against keeping them together for the foreseeable future when you include in Stefanski’s two NFL Head Coach of the Year honors.

Cleveland’s ineptitude had made them a laughingstock in the NFL, but that is no longer the case. The Browns are suddenly the team that free agents want to sign with, and in 2023 they managed to win even though they started five different quarterbacks. That is evidence of the depth Berry has created and the consistency Stefanksi as head coach provides.

They will now have continuity as soon as the much-needed extension is agreed upon.



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