Breaking News: Blockbuster Trade Proposal Has Raiders Land No. 1 CB in NFL

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely to select a cornerback with their first-round choice if they are unable to get a quarterback they like. The Raiders are mindful of the dangers associated with selecting a cornerback in the first round, though, as none of the previous four picks at that position had received a second contract from the organization.

Las Vegas may exploit a rival that is in need of a quarterback and needs a cornerback. With two Pro Bowl appearances under his belt, cornerback Patrick Surtain of the Denver Broncos has established himself as one of the league’s top defenders. But the Broncos need a quarterback and draft capital. Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report proposed a crazy trade that would send Surtain to the Raiders in exchange for their first and second-round NFL Draft selections in 2024.

In a post published on March 27, Ballentine stated, “Instead, this move would let the Broncos take a major risk on a quarterback prospect in this draft while the Raiders continue to build an elite defense.” The media was recently informed by Broncos head coach Sean Payton that a trade up from No. 12 to acquire a quarterback would be “realistic.”

They are having trouble since they do not have enough draft capital. According to Tankatahon, they are ranked 19th. They might have all they need in a deal that gives them a first and a second, giving them the leverage to move up and select a quarterback. The Raiders would, meanwhile, have a blue-chip player who would raise the defense’s already lofty ceiling.

It’s uncommon for teams in the same division to trade, and it seems unlikely that Sean Payton would be open to sending one of his finest players to the Raiders. Nevertheless, Denver might be eager to trade up for a quarterback, and Las Vegas might be able to capitalize on that.


Prior to the 2023 season, Patrick Surtain was the number one cornerback.
Despite the Broncos’ prolonged struggles, Patrick Surtain has been one of the NFL’s greatest cornerbacks. Indeed, several NFL players who were surveyed prior to the previous season by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler concurred that Surtain was the best cornerback in the entire game.

An AFC scout told Fowler last year, “He’s separated himself, and I don’t think it’s close.” “You take him first if you’re choosing a team.”

Surtain is still just 23 years old and performed well in 2023, so there’s no reason to think he will drop off the list.
The Raiders in Vegas Need a CB In any case
Patrick Surtain joining the Raiders seems like a long shot. There is no motivation for the Broncos to wish to assist Las Vegas. It’s not like the clubs are in completely different locations because they had the same record at the end of the previous season.

Additionally, Sean Payton is an old-school coach, and those people usually don’t enjoy dealing with competitors. The Raiders still require a starting cornerback, even though Surtain is probably not a realistic target. Although Xavien Howard is still a free agent, signing him would only be a temporary fix. The Raiders may choose to select a cornerback with their No. 13 pick. If not, they might also consider going to the next round. In the upcoming weeks, expect Las Vegas to be active in their pursuit of a cornerback.

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