Breaking News: New Orleans Saints Confirm Another Top Star Injured

REPORT: The 29-year-old All-Pro player for the New Orleans Saints has revealed devastating injury news.
Ryan Ramczyk, the right tackle for the New Orleans Saints, has struggled with a cartilage deficiency in his left knee since 2021. He was forced to miss seven games in 2021 due to the issue. He had surgery in the offseason of 2022 in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Ramczyk would be limited to 12 games in 2023 and miss the final five due to a nagging knee ailment, having played 16 of the 17 regular season games in 2022. He had surgery a month ago, and during the combine, their head coach provided a positive injury update.
At the combine, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints provided a positive update on injuries.
At the combine, Dennis Allen told reporters that Ramczyk was making good progress.

“We feel much better about where he is at today than where he was a month, month and a half ago, but he still has a knee that he and we will have to manage.”

Additionally, Allen informed reporters that he anticipates being prepared for training camp.
In the present day, the All-Pro RT’s future is bleak.
Ryan Ramczyk hasn’t been making much progress lately, according to Rapoport and Allen.

Allen later took a backseat and said that Ramczyk hasn’t been making much progress lately.


Allen stated, “I don’t know that I’m seeing as much progress as I was hoping to see at this point. A few weeks ago, I was feeling a lot better about it.” “We have a plenty of time. We will simply have to wait and watch how everything plays out as the offseason progresses and training camp approaches.

Allen continued, “There’s [a] long time before we kick the ball off.” “We’ll see how it goes over the next three, four, five, or six months — whatever it is — before we get to the season,” the speaker said, declining to draw any conclusions just yet.

According to a tweet from Ian Rapoport on X, New Orleans is being ready in case he isn’t given the all-clear to play in 2024.

According to insiders, the #Saints are ready for the potential that starting guard Ryan Ramczyk won’t be able to play this season due to a medical condition. Ramczyk’s knee hasn’t responded as expected, and it’s unknown if or when it will, according to coach Dennis Allen. An actual question mark

How would Ryan Ramczyk fare in retirement? (NOTE: This is only speculative.)
Ramczyk renegotiated his deal to reduce his base pay from $17 million to the veteran minimum of $1.21 million. This means that the $35,359,969 dead cap charge will extend through 2025, allowing New Orleans to treat his retirement as a post-June 1st release. According to Spotrac, the team will pay a dead cap hit of $11,650,323 for 2024 and a dead cap hit of $23,709,646 for 2025 despite saving $1,209,998 in cap space.

If a tackle is drafted by New Orleans, don’t be shocked.

Don’t be shocked if the team selects a tackle with their 14th choice, considering Trevor Penning’s early troubles and the potential opening at right tackle. There is a ton of quality at tackle in this draft class.
Will they select a tackle in the first round and will Ryan Ramczyk be able to play next season?

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