Latest 49ers News: 49ers Kyle Shanahan Sends Message to QB Brock Purdy Amid Contract Talk

49ers Amidst contract talks, Kyle Shanahan sends a message to quarterback Brock Purdy.
Even though quarterback Brock Purdy had a fantastic season last year, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan believes there is always room for improvement. Purdy is only 24 years old and has just finished his first full NFL season as a starter. With a quarterback rating of 113.0, he led the league in passing yards with 4,280 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, but he is only now beginning what could be one of his most significant offseasons.

It’s difficult to predict how long the 49ers will be able to maintain their present roster of talented players, especially given the financial challenges that a franchise like San Francisco faces. They will, however, have another chance in 2024, and Shanahan is thrilled that Purdy will have a healthy offseason this time around following elbow surgery last season.



According to 49ers Web Zone, Shanahan remarked at the NFL owners meetings, “I’m just pumped that Brock gets an offseason.” Because he was the third quarterback, he didn’t get much of one in his rookie season. He couldn’t really throw with us until training camp, which was the whole point of last year. He recently got married this year and is in excellent health.

“He will return here in a few weeks, and we will begin immediately.”

Shanahan Desires “More Consistency” from Purdy
Yes, but from the quarterback who proved it all in 2023, what can be expected? Purdy led the 49ers to the verge of a Super Bowl victory, was selected for the Pro Bowl, and finished fourth in the league MVP vote. Ultimately, the 49ers’ failure to slow down Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs lost them the championship.

To put it plainly, Shanahan is telling Purdy to be consistent.

Shanahan said, “It’ll just be getting more consistent on everything.” “I mean, he played in seven games [in 2022], so you have an entire season to evaluate yourself. It takes a long time to watch through an entire season because there is so much tape.

You constantly strive to be flawless, but nobody can ever be. However, with the experience he now has, he can examine that material and apply it on the field. When we get back together on April 15, we’ll film, practice all of the quick game, all five steps, all seven steps, play actions, movement, and everything else that [quarterbacks coaches Brian Griese and [Klay] Kubiak] will have him work on every day on the field.

49ers Are Expecting a Huge QB Payday
Purdy’s contract extension is a big threat in the background. Purdy is under contract for a very low $985,000 this year and $1.1 million next year, but a new deal is about to be due. With that contract, he will undoubtedly make approximately $50 million annually and enter the elite group of quarterbacks in the NFL.

One of the reasons the 49ers have been able to assemble such a talented roster is because of Purdy’s relatively cheap contract. That window is about to close. Jed York, the owner, stated he is ready for it.

It is the nature of the market. According to Cam Inman of the Mercury News, York stated that Brock “is going to ask for something that no one has ever asked for before.” “As a quarterback right now, how many players make over $40 million [per year]?”

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