Latest Ravens News: Baltimore Ravens In Final Stage Disscusion To Finalize Deal For $90 Million All-Pro to Fill Pressing Need

To meet a critical need, the Baltimore Ravens are linked to a $90 million all-pro.
This season, the Baltimore Ravens have lost some key defensive pieces to free agency, but they may be well-positioned to sign one of the top defensive backs available to close the gap on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC.

Xavien Howard, a former All-Pro for the Miami Dolphins, seems like a perfect match in the Ravens’ secondary, according to Pro Football Focus.
Brad Spielberger writes for PFF, “Howard was released after a great eight-year run in Miami.” With each of the previous two seasons’ coverage grades falling into the 50s. He’s stated that he would be willing to accept less money in order to pursue a ring, and he has made it clear that he wants to compete for a contender. Changing his style to play more man coverage can help him return to his previous level of success.

The Dolphins cut Howard before he could enter free agency, but he is the kind of guy who can improve a defense as a whole. Before becoming a cap casualty, Howard had agreed to a $90 million, five-year contract with the Dolphins before the 2022 campaign.
The Baltimore Ravens Would Gain From Xavien Howard
Howard, a four-time Pro Bowler and 2020 First-Team All-Pro pick, would provide the Ravens’ secondary a formidable veteran presence.

Even if he isn’t the same player as he once was, Howard proved last season that he can still be a lockdown cornerback by limiting opposing quarterbacks to a pitiful 86.7 passing rating when they target him. Howard recorded 45 total tackles and one interception by the end of the 2023 campaign.

Although it could be tempting to go back to a style where Howard can play man-to-man coverage, the seasoned player is ready to attempt going after a ring at his next stop.

Howard reportedly declared, “I’d rather take a pay cut to go to a team that’s going to go further in the playoffs.” “I have my money and other belongings.” I get right to the issue, asking, “How much money really need?” Trying to win a Super Bowl is always my goal.

“Winning a Super Bowl shouldn’t be impeded by financial gain. A Super Bowl is won by some people, and some people are compensated. A few people engage in both. You are unique; you do both. I wish to stand apart. Now, I want to win the Super Bowl. I’m looking forward to winning a Super Bowl because I already got paid.
With a need at cornerback and over $12 million in cap space right now, the Ravens might be the perfect option for Howard in this second round of free agency.

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