Breaking News: Houston Texans Confirm New Owner

Approving Cal McNair as the major owner of Texans
The Texans announced on Tuesday that Cal McNair has been allowed by NFL owners to take over as the team’s major owner.

Previously the team’s chairman and CEO, McNair now represents the organization officially. Following the death of her husband and team founder Bob McNair in 2018, Cal’s mother Janice McNair assumed that job, with her managing Cal’s daily football operations.

Janice McNair released a statement saying, “The Houston Texans mean so much to our family and I’m extremely proud that Cal will continue to lead the franchise moving forward.” “We think this is the wisest course of action for everyone associated with the company to guarantee our future under Cal’s leadership, as he has done such an amazing job as our CEO. I can only imagine Bob’s delight upon witnessing this, and our supporters ought to be ecstatic about the path we are taking. I will, of course, continue to cheer for Cal and the team every week and offer my full support in whatever manner I can.


Only a few months after his brother Cary tried to have their mother deemed legally unable, Cal takes over as the primary owner of the Texans. That might have led to the team’s sale and the appointment of a guardian over her affairs. Since then, Cary McNair has dropped the legal action.

Cal McNair released a statement saying, “I first want to acknowledge the incredible work my mom has done over the last five years since taking over.” “She has led our family, our team, and our community with inspiration. She has made innumerable contributions both on and off the field, and I am so grateful for the foundation she has helped establish. Being a Houston Texan during this exciting time is a privilege, and I’m proud to be the team’s leader. This action guarantees the long-term viability of our team, and we will carry on as we have for the past few years—pursuing a championship for the City of Houston while performing fantastic deeds for our supporters and the community.

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