Breaking News: Top Experienced NFL Star Schedules Visit To Las Vegas Raiders

QB Michael Penix Jr. Plans to Visit Five Locations.
Michael Penix Jr. is among the quarterbacks scheduled to visit many “top 30” teams as pre-draft visits get underway. Following his Pro Day, information regarding his near future has surfaced.
According to Brady Henderson of ESPN, Penix is scheduled to meet with the Giants, Falcons, Raiders, Broncos, and Steelers. Denver, New York, and Las Vegas are the teams most closely associated with choosing a passer in the draft that takes place next month. But it’s worth noting that Pittsburgh and Atlanta are included in that list.

By signing Kirk Cousins to a four-year, $180 million contract, the Falcons completed what may have been the most significant free agency transaction. Compared to its other alternatives after Matt Ryan, the trade gives the team a proven quarterback (although one who is elderly and coming off an Achilles tear). It would make sense to make a long-term investment in a developing passer, but that would probably happen after the Falcons selected their first pick.


Atlanta is scheduled to draft ninth overall, and right now, edge rush is still a significant roster weakness. Because of this, a lot of mock drafts have connected the team to Dallas Turner of Alabama, who is widely considered the best pass rusher available in the 2024 class. Penix might already be selected by the time the Falcons select at No. 43, so they will need to look elsewhere for a Day 2 or 3 quarterback prospect.

With the acquisition of Justin Fields and the signing of Russell Wilson, the Steelers have entirely rebuilt their quarterback room. Although the latter fits as the passer with a larger long-term prospective given his age, the former is scheduled to start in 2024. Although Fields’ fifth-year option is rejected this spring, Wilson and Fields are only signed for one season apiece, however the team is thought to be interested in keeping both of them into 2024.

The No. 20 pick, which Pittsburgh controls, may be in Penix’s early range (of course, a lot depends on where the quarterbacks rated higher than him are picked). The Steelers would have a fascinating third option on the depth chart if they added the 2023 Heisman runner-up, but with Wilson and Fields already in the fold, it would probably be redundant in the near future.

Penix, who had a great time at Washington that included a trip to the national championship game, fits the profile of a wild card in the 2024 quarterback class. In comparison to the passers projected to be picked in the top five, concerns about his age and extensive injury history, which includes two ACL tears, will damage his draft status; yet, the impressive athletic display he displayed at his Pro Day may help in that area. Penix’s visits will ultimately play a significant role in deciding where he ends up, thus it will continue to be important to keep an eye on a few teams as possible destinations.

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