Latest Bills News: Just In Buffalo Bills Confirm In Talk To Sign Top Talented SEC Reciever

LSU star Brian Thomas Jr., a teammate, will be drafted by the Buffalo Bills.
There is a need for a receiver in the Buffalo Bills’ roster, and LSU has two first-round talents in contention. Will one or the other travel to Buffalo?

However, Nabers might know where Brian Thomas Jr., his teammate, is going to end up.

During the Instagram livestream, Nabers made lighthearted remarks about Buffalo stealing Thomas.

“Brian Thomas… “I believe he will become a Buffalo Bill, everyone,” laughed Nabers. “Buffalo Bill”

Nabers teasingly said, as though he knew something, in between sips of his beverage. Although it’s unclear if he does or not, and he isn’t being selected for his speculative skills, general manager Brandon Beane sees a lot of logic in selecting Thomas.

The Bills clearly need assistance at receiver, especially at both boundary spots. With the Tigers, Thomas thrived as an X receiver and has an unstoppable size/speed profile. Thomas, who weighs 209 pounds and is little under 6-foot-3, ran a remarkable 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds, and his explosiveness measures support this claim.


Though his finest play is when he stacks defenders downfield, Thomas is a true deep threat who can also make an impact underneath, after the catch, and across the middle of the field thanks to his speed and fluidity. Although there are some doubts regarding his toughness and route tree, he is talented enough that Bills supporters were clamoring for him even before Davis’ impending departure was certain.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Thomas is Buffalo’s most often mocked prospect, according to NFL Mock Draft Database. He is followed by two speedsters who are in the second tier of this year’s class of receiving prospects: Adonai Mitchell of Texas and Troy Franklin of Oregon.

Nabers might be aware of something that we are not, but for the time being, Thomas can be mocked by Buffalo with the hope that the Bills will sign one of those receivers, even if the LSU standout ends up somewhere else.

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