Latest News: Atlanta Falcons Confirm Three Players To Let Go After 2024 NFL Draft

Following the 2024 NFL Draft, three Falcons could be cut
Depending on how things go, the Atlanta Falcons may make these three cuts following the draft.
NFL rosters are adjusted on a regular basis. Terry Fontenot has demonstrated it in Atlanta by making layoffs, trades, and signings on any given day.

Teams acquire a fresh group of players during the draft, which implies that new players will emerge. These three players could receive the news that a rookie will be taking their spot on the Falcons.

1. IOL JoVaughn Gwyn
JoVaughn Gwyn was selected in the seventh round by the previous coaching staff and did not play a single offensive action in the previous season. As such, he is not guaranteed anything.

The team’s release of former Georgia Bulldog and late-round pick Justin Shaffer was a precedent for a similar action. His circumstances were uncannily similar to Gwyn’s.


Gwyn will probably be replaced in the mid-to-late rounds due to a shift in mindset. He could lose his job since the coaching staff is not loyal to him.

2. OLB Ade Ogundeji

Although it bothers me to beat someone who is already down, Ade Ogundeji has little choice but to accept his luck if he even makes it through preseason, much less make it beyond final cuts.

Ogundeji did not perform well as the team’s primary starter in 2022. In his second year, he only handled a few pressures over the course of a full season. He was the worst NFL starter—I had written about it back then—taking over for Jalen Mayfield.

Ogundeji is now recovering from an injury that ended his season. Ogendeji’s future is seriously jeopardized if he has recover from an injury as a marginal player, particularly if the Falcons choose to draft numerous edge rushers.

3. S. Richie Grant
Richie Grant’s career has not turned out to be what he had hoped. Grant was a second-round choice out of UCF who was predicted to be an above-average starter. That hasn’t actually happened.

He has occasionally played well, but he always seems to fall back into the habit of either missing a critical tackle or being burned in coverage. Grant had been playing every play of the previous season when he was benched in favor of DeMarcco Hellams.

The Falcons plan to draft a safety on the second round, and if they do, they will sever their relationship with Grant.

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