Breaking News: Las Vegas Raiders’ Maxx Crosby Reveals The Time He Want To Quit From NFL

Las Vegas Raiders’ linebacker Ever since he was picked in 2019, Maxx Crosby has advanced significantly. During the first day of voluntary training for the NFL, Crosby paused to consider his path.
veteran defensive end with the Las Vegas Raiders Maxx Crosby will play in the National Football League for the sixth time this season. He became the Raiders organization’s face after being drafted. Crosby’s tenure in the league has elapsed quickly.

On Monday, Crosby told reporters, “I mean, it is crazy.” It helps to put things in context. It seems weird to me that my rookie year was 20 years ago, or even two days ago. I feel as though I experienced that in a previous life, even though I can still recall being in the Coliseum and back in Oakland like it was yesterday.Life is hectic; I’m just here for the day, and everything is always moving. I don’t really have time to think back on the past, but even just glancing at it makes me realize that year six is almost here. It’s as though I’m conducting these interviews. I received a video of one of my interviews a few days ago; in it, I looked completely insane, had bleached hair, no beard, and no tattoos. “Holy [expletive], we’ve come a long way,” I exclaim.

Crosby went from being a fourth-round draft pick to possibly the best defensive end in the NFL when the Raiders selected him. Over his tenure with the Raiders, he has amassed more than 300 tackles and more than 50 sacks.

After a few more successful seasons, the seasoned defensive lineman will have a strong case to be admitted into the Hall of Fame when his career concludes. But Crosby’s primary concern is winning more games for the Raiders and being the greatest teammate he can be.

It’s been a boon, according to Crosby. It’s been a really difficult journey, but in the end, I believe that winning is what counts most for our institution. I put everything I have into this, and I want to consistently be the greatest teammate and leader I can be. Being a Raider holds particular meaning for me.
“I have genuine relationships with everyone, from the janitor to the owner.” There’s a reason I come here every day. It resembles a family. It’s thrilling to get things going again since not many teams function as we do. We just need to translate that into victory.”

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25–27, 2024, in Detroit, Michigan. With the 13th overall pick right now, it belongs to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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