Latest Saints News: New Orleans Saints Confirm On The Verge Of Signing Top Talented 24yrs Old QB

Written for the Black and Gold is the script. Will they adhere to it? Should Jayden Daniels be considered a Patriot or a Commander? The Pels have one more shot to make the playoffs without Zion, and…
Jayden Daniels is still following in Joe Burrow’s footsteps, and while he won’t be selected first in Thursday’s NFL Draft, it’s quite likely that the Washington Commanders or the New England Patriots will select him at No. 2 or No. 3. What kind of player will win the Heisman Trophy?

Host Jim Derry has Larry Holder of The Athletic as a guest to discuss that topic on Friday’s Dattitude Podcast (Ep. 228), which is sponsored by Evangeline Securities. Furthermore, do the New Orleans Saints follow the plan and select a tackle, like JC Latham or Olu Fashanu, at No. 14? In the third and fourth rounds, will they try to bridge the gap?
Jim tells a few stories to start the show and makes a prediction about the Pelicans’ future.pass away They will have to play a play-in game against the Sacramento Kings sans Zion Williamson. In his “Extra Point,” which he uses to wrap up the broadcast, he discusses another instance of the Saints pulling off an unexpected move in a previous draft: selecting cornerback Alex Molden over Hall of Fame running back Eddie George in 1996.


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