Breaking News: Top Experienced 76ers Star Confirm He Wants To Leave This Summer

It is said that Tobias Harris will leave the 76ers this summer. Is it feasible to go back to Detroit?
The 76ers will require a few key Tobias Harris games along the route if they are to defeat the Knicks as the No. 7 seed and go to the Eastern Conference Finals. Though his output and efficiency have never matched his salary, Harris has never been a Philly fan favorite. Still, there are times when he performs exceptionally well. This season, he scored 17.2 points per game on 35.3% shooting from outside the arc. His number will be called in a couple of games.

Then, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pistons and Harris are probably going to part ways this summer.


After the 76ers’ postseason run is over, the power forward’s time with the team is anticipated to come to an end. A number of NBA officials think there’s a possibility he’ll sign a free agent contract to play for the Detroit Pistons. However, a number of other teams are considering the 13-year veteran, who has averaged 16.3 points and 6.2 rebounds throughout his career.

This summer, Harris will be a free agent and no doubt get interest, but it won’t be close to the $39.3 million he made this season.

Detroit is an intriguing fit for Harris since they have Jalen Duren in the paint, Cade Cunningham running the point, and Harris on the wing with Ausar Thompson. However, the new head of basketball operations arriving in Detroit will have a say in all of that. (However, given the names being mentioned, one must question how much owner Tom Gores is actually spending on that role and how the power structure will be established.)

One of the better free agents that will genuinely be available this summer is Harris, who will probably swap teams. Harris is closely trailing Paul George and DeMar DeRozan on the list of players who could be switching teams. Numerous clubs will be contacting Harris’ agent over the phone; it makes sense for young teams like the Spurs and Magic, who are searching for a seasoned presence, to do so. Harris will have options, but it will ultimately come down to who is willing to give the most money and minutes.

Simply put, Philadelphia is not one of them. The 76ers are going big game hunting this summer with their max cap room thanks to Daryl Morey, and if the Clippers are unable to extend or re-sign George, they will go first on their list. On the wing, Philly wants to take a different approach.

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