Breaking News: Top Talented Georgia Bulldogs Star Confirm To Enter Transfer portal

A Very Skilled Transfer From Georgia Is Scheduled To See This Big 10 Powerhouse
Because of its talented team and its excellent chance to win a championship for the third time in four years, Georgia is poised for one of its most historic seasons in history.

Georgia College Football Is About To Enter A New Era
Similar to every other college football team, the Bulldogs are embarking on a new chapter in their history. Twelve teams will now compete in the College Football Playoffs, and teams will switch leagues. Texas and Oklahoma, two of the biggest powerhouses in college football, are joining the SEC, one of those conferences.
Georgia will play without one of its main players, but they still have a chance to make history by being the first team to win the 12-team College Football Playoff and dominate their new conference foe.

This Week, Andrew Paul Left Georgia
Andrew, a running back Paul signed into the transfer website earlier this week. Paul was a freshman with the Bulldogs the previous season, when he ran for 129 yards and a touchdown. However, he made the decision to transfer elsewhere because he would be playing a bigger part for the team this year.
A SEC player cannot transfer to another SEC school without sitting out a season due to the spring transfer portal SEC regulations. Paul is probably leaving the conference, and a potential school has been identified.
Paul will make a trip to Michigan State.
Matt Zenitz of reports that Paul will make his official visit to Michigan State from Saturday through Monday. Jonathan Smith, Michigan State’s new head coach, is ushering in a new age of college football. Damien Martinez, one of the best running backs in the game, was under Smith’s tutelage for the first two years of his six-year tenure at Oregon State.

According to the @APSportsAgency and @247Sports, Georgia running back transfer Andrew Paul is scheduled to make an official visit to Michigan State from Saturday through Monday.

Running backs can be produced by Smith. It would be interesting to watch Paul go there with him if he decides to do so this coming season.

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