Done Deal: Just In Florida State Seminoles Confirm The Signing Of Another Top Talented Star

FSU Men’s Basketball: Jerry Deng, a forward, joins the Seminoles via the Transfer Portal
It’s still a busy off-season for Florida State basketball players. A few former Seminoles players have put their names to the roster as the transfer site keeps expanding. Fortunately, Florida State has received a crucial component from the gateway even though they have lost athletes to it.

Over the previous few weeks, transfer players have paid Leonard Hamilton’s club a few visits. While some talks ended without a resolution, others proceeded smoothly. Fortunately, forward Jerry Deng, a Hampton transfer, went smoothly. Following his wonderful trip to Tallahassee, Deng made the decision to adopt Seminole culture.

Jerry Deng is well-known to Big South Conference supporters. They have witnessed his game improve over the past few years, and he has remained one of Hampton’s most exceptional players. Jerry Deng is unique in his game since he can play anywhere on the floor. Deng, a 6’9 forward, plays with a lot of movement. He has the ability to create and turn into a spot-up shooter when the ball is on the floor.


In just one season with the Pirates, Deng averaged 10.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 46 percent of the field in his fashion. His time at college didn’t start off well, but after he settled in, he never looked back. Deng finished with 16 double-figure scoring games and 16 games with five or more rebounds. His career-best 37 points in an early-season victory over Mary Baldwin was his season’s high point.

Deng was the kind of player that Florida State needed. Although it’s almost exactly like Baba Miller’s play style, the sophomore in Tallahassee never really got off to the right start. The Seminoles appear to have found Miller’s replacement, though. Since being on school, Deng appears to have established positive relationships with both his teammates and the coaching staff.

Florida State will benefit greatly from Deng’s adaptability. With his ability to play in pick & roll and his outside shooting, he will be able to work well with great guards like Daquan Davis, Jamir Watkins, and others. Deng will typically play in lineups where he will be able to move away from the ball. But he can also use his ball handling and shot creation skills to turn the defense on its heels.

Jerry Deng will face a new challenge as an ACC player. There won’t be an off-night and he will be matched up with other adaptable players of similar size. It will be fantastic for his ongoing development, though. Deng can establish himself in the ACC by showcasing his skill level on both ends and into games with a sense of urgency. For the duration of the 2024–25 season, Florida State fans may anticipate Deng to be a fan favorite.

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