Breaking News: Just In LSU Tigers Are In Talk To Sign Another Top Experienced Star

The LSU Tigers had just one position targeted for the Transfer Portal period—defensive tackle—because head coach Brian Kelly was unhappy with the team’s performance last spring and wanted to add more depth to the locker room. The LSU football team is technically below the 85 scholarship threshold, but it hasn’t stopped interest in other position groupings. Following the unexpected departure of a few key depth players, the LSU Tigers may now try to add some quality players with a potential to play in 2024.

Cornerback: LSU could need all the defensive support they can get after a terrible defensive campaign. As Zy Alexander recovers from an ACL injury, JK Johnson returns from a broken leg, and third-starter Jyaire Brown hasn’t played as much as you’d like with a starting cornerback, the LSU Tigers will undoubtedly think about adding a cornerback.

Reaching out to Colorado Transfer Cormani McClain, a cornerback, is something the LSU Tigers are interested in doing. McClain was the top-ranked cornerback and 14th overall in the 2023 recruiting class. McClain arrived late in Colorado last summer, which contributed to his struggles getting on the field during his time there. Corey Raymond, the defensive backs coach for the LSU football team, was close to McClain during his time at Florida. Should LSU acquire McClain, they will have an immediate starter; if Corey Raymond is able to develop McClain further, the team will have a reliable long-term player.

Running Back: With four running backs, including Trey Holly, LSU felt secure in its running back room heading into the spring. Trey Holly’s return to the LSU football team is seriously jeopardized because his next court case is July 3. This is not good news for either player. Josh Williams, Caden Durham, and Kaleb Jackson are the only three scholarship running backs for LSU entering the season if Holly isn’t back.
As a result, Brian Kelly and the LSU football team are now looking through the transfer portal for possible running back choices. The Tigers have contacted Peny Boone, a transfer from Toledo, as a possible high-caliber replacement; they will undoubtedly keep looking at alternatives during the coming week.


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