Breaking News: Browns QB Deshaun Watson Ripped Over Controversial Tweet

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, has come under scrutiny for a social media campaign seemingly promoting the NFL in Saudi Arabia.

Watson’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia, documented on social media, drew attention when he posted a thank-you message to Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad on April 23. The post prompted significant backlash, prompting Watson to disable comments.

In his post, Watson expressed gratitude for his visit to Saudi Arabia and mentioned his experiences learning about the culture and society, as well as attending football matches. He thanked Prince Abdullah for his hospitality and expressed hope for football events in Saudi Arabia in the future.


Prince Abdullah responded cordially to Watson’s post, wishing him well in his career, except when playing against the San Francisco 49ers, as indicated by his social media handle, “Saudi49er.”

Critics of Watson’s post accused him of engaging in paid promotion for Saudi Arabia, with some suggesting it was a PR move.

The backlash adds to Watson’s existing public image challenges, notably stemming from his 2022 suspension and fines related to allegations of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

Meanwhile, Watson is currently recovering from season-ending shoulder surgery and is working towards returning to play. Browns’ management has provided updates on his progress, indicating optimism but refraining from setting a definitive timeline for his return to the field.

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