Latest Falcons News: 3 players The Atlanta Falcons Confirm To Trade On Draft Night

The Atlanta Falcons may explore trading three players during the NFL Draft, potentially reshaping their roster dynamics.

Firstly, quarterback Taylor Heinicke could be a trade candidate, particularly on day three of the draft.

Given the emergence of rookie quarterbacks, Heinicke faces stiff competition for a roster spot and may be expendable, albeit with limited trade value due to age and recent performance.

Safety Richie Grant is another player who could be on the trading block, with his declining

performance prompting consideration for a change of scenery. The Falcons might seek to secure any available assets for Grant, possibly through a late-round pick or as part of a trade-up strategy.

Linebacker Troy Andersen could also be a trade target, especially on day one or two of the draft.

While talented, Andersen’s injury history and the team’s depth at linebacker position might make him expendable for the right opportunity, such as packaging him with draft picks for a higher selection.

Overall, the Falcons appear poised to leverage their draft assets, including player trades, to bolster their roster and address key needs, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

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