Done Deal:Just In Ravens Confirm The Selection Of Another Top Star In NFL Draft

After texting Dabo Swinney, the Ravens select Nate Wiggins in the NFL draft.
Coach Dabo Swinney of Clemson kept reminding club executives that cornerback Nate Wiggins was still available before the Baltimore Ravens selected him in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday night.

General manager of the Ravens Eric DeCosta stated, “We were receiving texts from the head coach.” “Dabo was texting us during the first round [saying], ‘Please take this guy.'”

After Wiggins was selected by the Ravens in the draft, Swinney, who was present at his draft celebration, hugged him.

In a press release on Thursday night, Swinney stated, “From a skill set standpoint, Nate is as talented as we’ve ever had come through here at his position.”

Wiggins, one of the best cornerbacks available, shockingly dropped to No. 30 in the selection. He said he was positive the Ravens were going after him, but he was not aware that Swinney had been in touch with Baltimore.

“They always told me if I was there, and I was available, they were going to take me,” Wiggins recalled. “So, it was just, ‘Will I be available?'”

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