Done Deal:Raiders Confirm Another Pick In NFL Draft

By selecting offensive tackle DJ Glaze on Friday, the Las Vegas Raiders strengthened their offensive line even further.
The general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders, Tom Telesco, selected a player to help with the offensive line of the team with his third consecutive pick in the third round of the NFL Draft. Telesco chose a gifted guard named Jackson Powers-Johnson with the team’s second-round selection after selecting a blocking tight end with the No. 13 choice. He would next discuss depth along the offensive line, which is another particular team need.

The Raiders selected DJ Glaze, a Maryland offensive tackle, with the 77th overall choice. As per the Raiders, Glaze has ranked ninth among offensive linemen eligible for the draft with a quarterback pressure percentage allowed of 2.8 percent since 2021.
The Raiders need him to be able to play a variety of positions along the offensive line, according to Glaze.

Glaze stated, “I don’t really have a specific position.” The ability to feel at ease wherever one is is, in my opinion, the most important factor. I am primarily from Maryland, where I played left tackle my senior year. The most important thing to me, though, is just being able to play guard or tackle and be comfortable doing so. I mean, I feel at ease wherever they plug me in. I have a lot of experience playing tackle football, as I mentioned earlier, but I’m not limited to one position.”

Glaze was effective at pass protection, but his run blocking still needed improvement.
Both pass and run, there are always things to tidy up,” Glaze remarked. The most important thing is to make sure I always play with proper technique. My technique will be very helpful. Being the player with technique will benefit, in my opinion, because everyone in the NFL is faster and stronger. Although I believe I performed well in both categories, I always clean up after myself.

Since I began playing at the age of four, I was really prepared to go to any lengths to achieve my current status. This is just the start. Given who I am, I wasn’t going to allow two ACL injuries to prevent me from achieving my objectives. You had to put in a lot of effort during your rehab period to ensure that football could resume in a healthy manner.

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