Breaking News: Just In Las Vegas Raiders Are In Talk To Sign Another Top Experience Star

Now that the NFL draft has concluded, some of the league’s best unsigned free agents will be more aware of where to sign. Ryan Tannehill, a former quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, is seen to be the best available athlete. The Las Vegas Raiders were one of the “best” landing locations for the former Pro Bowl quarterback, according to Jack Murray of Bleacher Report.

Many people believed that the Las Vegas Raiders would be a successful club if they selected a quarterback in the draft. That did not happen, and Anthony Brown, Gardner Minshew, and Aidan O’Connell will be the starting lineup.

In his April 27 essay discussing potential landing locations for Tannehill and Odell Beckham Jr., Murray wrote, “That may sound like enough, especially considering the fact that the team just signed Minshew in the offseason and O’Connell had significant experience as a rookie in 2023.” “Yet, the Raiders might have an unmet need that wasn’t fully addressed in the draft, and Tannehill’s addition could put pressure on the other quarterbacks during training camp.”
The Raiders skipped the quarterback draft.

It was anticipated going into the draft that the Las Vegas Raiders would select a quarterback. That didn’t happen, though, as Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell will square off at quarterback in May.

With 17 appearances, Minshew had a strong 2023 campaign. The 27-year-old had 3,305 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions in his passing career. In 11 Raiders games in 2023, O’Connell completed passes for 2,218 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions.

After the NFL draft, Raiders general manager Tom Telesco told reporters that selecting a quarterback “didn’t line up.”
“On the third day? No. Not at all on the second day. Yes, the first day. However, not after that,” Telesco informed the press. “We would have taken action if we had believed that there was a quarterback out there who was either better than us or might be better still. However, it wasn’t in line.

The possibility of finding another quarterback, such as the former Miami Dolphins quarterback, is still open to Telesco.
How the Raiders Would Benefit from Ryan Tannehill
Tannehill might blend in well with the Las Vegas Raiders’ seasoned group. They have skill on both sides of the ball, with players like Christian Wilkins, Maxx Crosby, Brock Bowers, Davante Adams, and others who were recently drafted.


Adding a veteran like Tannehill, who started for the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans, might be a great option for them as it gives them another player with eleven years of professional experience.
Tannehill is coming off two of his worst seasons ever, statistically speaking. But that was because he only participated in 22 games overall throughout the course of the two seasons. The 35-year-old quarterback passed for 3,734 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions in 2021, the final season he was healthy.

Given the injuries he’s sustained with the Dolphins and Titans, it’s unclear if he can still produce those kinds of stats. The 2019 AP Comeback Player of the Year is a prolific thrower with 34,881 yards and 216 touchdowns in his career.

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