Longhorns Football News: Just In Texas Longhorns Most Talented Football Star Confirm To Enteres NCAA Transfer Portal

Longhorns of Texas LB Kendrick Blackshire logs into the Transfer Portal for NCAA.
Lately, the Texas Longhorns have suffered some setbacks in the NCAA Transfer Portal, with the bulk of those setbacks occurring on the defensive end of the field. That was once more the case on Tuesday, when Kendrick Blackshire, an Alabama transfer linebacker who spent spring training with the Longhorns, entered the gateway.

Along with S’Maje Burrell, Blackshire is the second Longhorn linebacker to use the portal this offseason. Blackshire, along with Isaiah Bond and Amari Niblack, is one of the three players from Alabama who have moved to Austin this summer after committing to the Horns in mid-January. But unlike Bond, who signed up through the transfer link after Nick Saban retired, Blackshire was searching for a new beginning before to the head coach’s resignation.

During his three seasons at Alabama, Blackshire saw the majority of his activity on special teams. However, he did see some time on the field as a linebacker, recording 25 tackles, including two tackles for loss. Blackshire produced most of his output in 2023, concluding the campaign with 16 tackles and one tackle for loss due to a forced fumble.


Although David Gbenda and brilliant five-star rookie Anthony Hill were back for the Longhorns, Blackshire had a great chance to compete for meaningful plays. The Longhorns’ linebacker depth is beginning to be an issue now that he is departing the program.

Blackshire received over thirty offers as a recruit and was rated as a four-star. He rejected offers from Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, and Alabama in favor of Alabama.

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