Breaking: Texans GM Nick Caserio Confirm Another Top Experienced NFL Man Who Could Join Texans Squad

Texans general manager Nick Caserio discusses the prospects of a J.J. Watt return.
Texans fans will pay heed to Nick Caserio’s remarks regarding the potential for a J.J. Watt return.

After an incredible 2023 season, the Houston Texans seem to be loaded going into 2024, in large part because of general manager Nick Caserio’s efforts. Although it seems like the Texans are done adding players to their roster, the front office has already made significant moves to acquire players like Joe Mixon, Stefon Diggs, and Danielle Hunter. However, there are some rumors circulating that suggest a comeback involving legendary pass rusher J.J. Watt could be in the works.

Watt cemented his place as one of the greatest sack artists in the NFL’s illustrious history before retiring following the 2022 season. Watt achieved a lot while he was with Houston, and since their team seems to be loaded going into 2024, some have questioned if he would think about coming out of retirement. Caserio didn’t exactly rule out Watt’s comeback when questioned about it, but he also didn’t seem to take it very seriously.

“I’ll let him reveal his goals on your show; I won’t speak for him regarding his desire to play football.The season doesn’t begin until September, so it’s still extremely early. Players will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis through the end of October and November. We’ll see who jumps back in first, him or Brady. From The Pat McAfee Show, Nick Caserio

Is J.J. Watt able to return to the Texans?

Throughout his career, Watt battled ailments, and by the time he retired, he had lost most of his form. Nevertheless, he demonstrated his productivity by recording 12.5 sacks during the 2022 season while playing for the Arizona Cardinals, demonstrating his ability to cause chaos when called upon. He could have an opportunity to pursue the elusive Super Bowl with the Texans if he so desired; it was nearly the only title he failed to win during his career.

On defense, Houston has a strong front seven, with Will Anderson Jr. and Hunter leading the way. Watt might therefore return and serve as a sort of pass-rush specialist for the Texans as they try to strengthen their defensive line, as they are consuming the majority of the snaps. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to see Watt return to the field to help Houston sack quarterbacks?

Though in theory that sounds fantastic, Nick Caserio seems to acknowledge in his remarks that it’s unlikely to happen. But in the NFL, you never say never, and it appears like the Texans might be amenable to Watt returning for a last-ditch effort. As of right now, nothing looks imminent, but going forward, it might be worthwhile to monitor this plot.

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