Breaking News: Former Saints WR Sends Strong Message To New Orleans Saints Fans In Social Media Rant

Over the previous ten years, the New Orleans Saints have had their fair share of wide receivers that were comfortable expressing emotion. A lesser-known choice? Willie Snead IV. Snead was a standout player for the Saints for a few seasons, leading the team in offensive production during his rookie campaign.

As a large, strong receiver, Snead was a favorite with the supporters. Although he has since moved on to teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, he has not amassed the same stat line as he had in New Orleans.
It’s obvious that Snead didn’t think the 49ers appreciated him all that much. On social media, he also made a jab at them.
It doesn’t appear likely that the Saints will be able to get Snead back. They have already signed two big-body wide receiver choices and picked Bub Means, so he is a free agency. Numerous Snead ‘types’ are already present in the structure.

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