Breaking News: LSU Tigers Confirm In Talk To Sign Highly Rated Defensive Tackle

Updates on LSU Football’s Search for a Defensive Tackle
The LSU football team’s quest for a defensive lineman, which has been the spring’s main plot point, has seen the squad target at least one defensive tackle in the hopes of acquiring two. The LSU football squad has struggled so far, missing out on most of the defensive tackles they have attempted to tackle. In the long run, the appropriate strategy is to avoid buying players, as Brian Kelly has stated rather publicly.

CJ West, a defensive tackle for LSU Target, made the announcement on social media that he was moving to Indiana. Early in the process, the LSU Tigers made an offer to West, but West never visited the university, so the offer was never really felt in the competition.

Although West was the top defensive tackle available in the transfer portal, this is a setback for LSU, which will regroup.

By extending a scholarship offer to Grand Valley State defensive tackle Jay’viar Suggs, the Tigers appear to be reverting to their backup plan. Suggs has visited a number of prestigious universities, including his current top six, USC, Michigan, Arkansas, Florida State, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. There should be an LSU visit soon, and since Brian Kelly coached Grand Valley State from 1991 to 2003, he should know someone who can help make this happen. He recorded five sacks, 21 tackles, and four pass breakups in an outstanding 2023 campaign.

Adin Huntington, a transfer from ULM, is still being pursued by the LSU football team through the transfer site. There’s no word on a trip to Baton Rouge, but if Huntington decides to stay in Louisiana, he might be LSU’s best shot to get a significant player.

Right now, this group only needs bodies.
At first, the LSU football team started pursuing the best players on the transfer portal in the hopes of securing some immediate starters at the position. The lack of success with the transfer portal made sense when Brian Kelly declared that LSU was not interested in purchasing players because it has been rumored that these players have received huge agreements. At this point, the LSU football team should look to add players in the hopes that Bo Davis can develop them in time for the season to begin.

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