Breaking: New Orleans Saints Fans Favorite Star Confirm He Wants To Leave With Socail Media Post

Marshon Lattimore, a talented wide receiver with the Saints, expresses interest in being traded on social media.
Marshon Lattimore is a premier cornerback for the New Orleans Saints. In the wake of selecting Kool-Aid McKinstry in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft, some fans expressed fear that Lattimore would be traded in the upcoming months.

Nevertheless, general manager of the Saints Mickey Loomis stated last week that the group was not making any serious efforts to deal the standout cornerback.

Lattimore liked an Instagram post earlier this week that hinted at a possible trade to the Houston Texans.
It appears that Lattimore has not liked the post since making it. It’s possible that he wanted to set the record straight after seeing the Saints supporters’ response on social media.

It’s also possible that he loved the post without looking at every picture. Lattimore’s transaction wasn’t visible until the post’s third image. Before like the B/R Gridiron post, he might have only seen the first or first two photographs.

Is Lattimore in favor of being relocated from New Orleans? It’s only him who is certain. For now, he might be entirely content with the Saints.

That being stated, fans should keep an eye on the situation. In today’s sporting landscape, social media may be a fickle place.

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