Latest Bills News: Top Experienced Star Gets A Tryout With The Buffalo Bills, Set To Meet With Several Other NFL Teams

After being fired from the wrestling business, former WWE Superstar Gable Steveson is attempting to establish himself in the professional football league.

Less than three years after his high-profile signing in 2021—which itself occurred weeks after he won Olympic Gold in Tokyo, Japan—Steveson was let go from the WWE in early 2024.

Steveson reportedly tried out for the Buffalo Bills on May 15 and is scheduled to visit with multiple additional NFL teams, according to the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Steveson has never played football at a high level, although the NFL chased Brock Lesnar and Stephen Neal despite their lack of prior professional football experience.

Additionally, rumors have it that Steveson expressed interest in pursuing an MMA career. Steveson hasn’t disclosed any specifics about his future plans as of now.


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