Done Deal: Top Colorado Star Confirm To Sign Contract Extension With Club

Jonathan Drouin made a comeback in the second round of the playoffs to support the Avalanche against the powerful Stars, having missed the first round. But on Friday night, the Stars defeated Colorado in six games, so his backing was insufficient.

Thus concluded Jonathan Drouin’s inaugural season donning the Avalanche uniform. He was in a new atmosphere and it was a very good campaign, but he was undoubtedly smiling after scoring 56 points.

He does, however, have a small issue because his contract is currently up for renewal for the upcoming season.
Following the game, Drouin spoke with reporters in the locker room and reiterated his desire to sign a new contract with Colorado.

I would adore returning here to sign a contract. Both my family and I have had an amazing time here. – Jonathan Drouin

However, we have heard Drouin make similar remarks previously. He expressed his desire to return to Colorado on The Drop podcast in early April, even before the season was officially done.

But, he stated at the time that he preferred to put all of his attention toward the playoffs rather than thinking about extending his contract.
He and his agent can try to work out a deal for a little more than a year now that the Avalanche are out of the postseason picture, especially if it pays him more than $825,000 a season.
The absurd notion of a $6 million season contract had already been mentioned, but that would be very unexpected.

However, we ought to anticipate a few-season contract. Due to his lack of demand as a player in the summer of last year, Drouin agreed to a one-year contract. It resembled an exam.

And he aced the test, gaining the assurance to stick with Colorado through thick and thin. Although Drouin is a tremendous talent, he performs far better as a supporting role than as the front-runner.

Alongside Nathan MacKinnon or any other outstanding player on the Avalanche, he can add his own special talent to the attack.

Whether the Avalanche decide to keep him on their squad is still up in the air. Whatever the situation, we can be certain that MacKinnon is thrilled to be able to play with his old Mooseheads colleague.

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