Btreaking: Washington Commanders Confirm In Talk To Release Another Top Experienced Star To Free up 2024 Cap Space

To Clear 2024 Cap Space, Washington Commanders Are Encouraged to Trade Important Defensive Player
In 2024, the football team Washington Commanders will usher in a new era. Dan Quinn has taken over as head coach, and Adam Peters has been named general manager. A season earlier, Washington traded away defensive linemen Chase Young to the San Francisco 49ers and Montez Sweat to the Chicago Bears.

This season, Washington has significant quality on its roster, but should they cut some important players to free up more salary space? If they make any more moves before the 2024 NFL regular season starts, only time will tell.
The Washington Commanders May Be Releasing Defensive Lineman Daron Payne After June 1, According to a Bleacher Report
In order to free up additional cap space, the scouting staff of Bleacher Report believes that the Commanders ought to sell Daron Payne after June 1. Payne, an Alabama native, was selected thirteenth overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. He had 53 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and four pass deflections with the Washington Commanders in the previous season.

Bleacher Report provided the following justification for suggesting that Da’Ron Payne be traded: “Min and Allen won’t likely be with Washington past the upcoming season, and Payne is signed through 2027. Newton might be ready to take over prior to the trade deadline, and a veteran would undoubtedly offer significant value to a trade.

$15.4 million in cap space would be saved by trading Allen after June 1. Payne’s trade after June 1st would result in a $16 million space savings.

The Washington Commanders would be saving a ton of money in cap space if they traded Daron Payne. They selected defensive tackle Johnny Newton, an Illinois native, with the 36th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which may help them finance this.

Many people anticipated that Newton would be selected in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, but due to the large number of offensive players chosen in the first round, Newton was selected in the second round instead. As a rookie, he may find himself in the Washington Commanders rotation.

He recorded 7.5 sacks and 8.5 tackles for a loss in 12 games played with the Illinois Fighting Illini in the previous season. In all, Newton had 52 tackles. Even though Payne is 26 years old and in the prime of his NFL career, dealing him could still be an option because this was a steal for the Washington Commanders in the draft.

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