Official Twins News: Just In Top Talented Minnesota Twins Star Confirm officially on his way to returning to the Twins

### Royce Lewis Nearing Return to Twins Lineup After Lengthy Absence

Royce Lewis is set to make his comeback to the Minnesota Twins lineup after being sidelined for the last two months. It’s been 57 days since he last played, having exited Opening Day after three innings due to a right quad strain. His absence has significantly impacted the Twins’ season, contributing to their inconsistent performance.

**Injury Impact and Team Performance**

The Twins have experienced a rollercoaster season, marked by a 12-game winning streak and multiple losing streaks. Lewis’s injury has been a major blow, as his early-season form suggested he could be on the cusp of an MVP-caliber year. His return is highly anticipated to help stabilize the team and boost their performance.

**Rehab Assignment and Recovery Progress**

Lewis has been diligently working towards his recovery, and recent evaluations have been promising. He is set to begin a rehab assignment with the St. Paul Saints next week, indicating that his return to the Twins is imminent. This step is crucial in assessing his readiness and ensuring he can resume playing without risking further injury.

**Timeline and Expectations**

Initial concerns suggested Lewis might be out until the All-Star Break, but his progress suggests he could return well before then, potentially by mid-June. He is expected to spend a week or two with the Saints to regain his form and confirm his fitness. While his return is eagerly awaited, the team is cautious to avoid rushing him back and risking another setback.

**Cautious Optimism**

The Twins are optimistic about Lewis’s recovery, given the decision to send him on a rehab assignment. However, until he is back in the lineup at Target Field, the team and fans are proceeding with cautious optimism, ensuring that he is fully prepared to contribute without further complications.

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