Breaking News: Vikings Could Loose Top Star Amid Justin Jefferson New Contract

With the exception of a conclusion, we have heard everything there is to know regarding the wide receiver Justin Jefferson’s contract extension. However, at least one individual believes that Jefferson’s contract may make it impossible for the Minnesota Vikings to sign him as their primary running back in the future.

In an article regarding the wide receiver market in the NFL, Randy Mueller of The Athletic appears to believe that the Vikings’ decision to sign Jefferson to a record-breaking contract may make it more difficult for them to draft Jordan Addison in the future. Never mind that until after the 2025 season, Addison and the Vikings are unable to even consider a contract extension.
Despite being forced into the top place after Jefferson’s injury, Addison had the greatest season out of the four receivers selected in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Addison should only benefit from that experience in the future, and if he can keep improving, the Vikings may offer him a sizable contract extension when he becomes available.

Having two wide receivers on a squad that make a lot of money is not unusual. It’s not even particularly unusual for the Vikings to do this. Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs were a highly productive combo for the team for a number of years. The Vikings might not object to the concept of offering Addison a sizable long-term contract if the salary cap rises at the same rate as it has in recent years.
It’s important to remember that Addison will remain a Viking until at least 2026, and that number will increase if the team chooses to exercise his fifth-year option, which would take him through the 2027 campaign. At this point, it’s probably too early for Mr. Mueller or anybody else to be concerned about the team’s ability to retain Jordan Addison.

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