official Bills news: Buffalo Bills Confirm The Signing Of Another Top Star

Gable Steveson, an Olympic gold medallist and two-time NCAA champion wrestler, is switching to football. Despite never having played football before, Steveson has joined with the Buffalo Bills as a possible defensive lineman, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Bills released punter Matt Haack and announced that Steveson will be joining them. The wrestler, who is 23 years old, agreed to a one-year deal, which is typical for debutantes. The Miami Dolphins reportedly expressed interest in signing Steveson, but the Bills prevailed in the contract negotiation.

Despite never having played football, the wrestler has excelled in the sports department throughout high school, college, and his professional career. He had it for the first time ever when he started working out for the Buffalo Bills.
Stevenson stated to ESPN, “I am excited to take on the challenge of determining how my wrestling skills may translate to football. I have been fortunate to compete at the highest level of competition in my sport.”

“I am appreciative of the Buffalo Bills organization, Coach [Sean] McDermott, and General Manager Brandon Beane for providing me with this opportunity.”

McDermott has faith that the 275-pound, 6-foot-1 Steveson will be able to pick up the game. Having wrestled for a championship in high school, McDermott thinks Syevnson’s skills may be applied to the defensive line.

He wowed the Bills with his raw athletic ability and physicality, which will secure his spot on the short list of practice squad prospects for the 2024 year.

At the age of 21, Steveson became the youngest person to win a gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. He competed as a super heavyweight.

Due to his accomplishments, he may become the second athlete, after Bob Hayes, to be the only one with both a gold medal and a Super Bowl victory if he continues to play with the Bills.

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